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Tempest Solutions Pty Ltd specialises in large-scale commercial HVAC systems, working on industrial grade plant installations and maintenance on high rise commercial premises throughout New South Wales.

Glen Preskett, Construction Manager at Tempest Solutions, approached the Constellation Services team 15 years ago and found a long-term, reliable service provider in air conditioning plumbing.

“Over its long history, Tempest Solutions have relied on contracting mechanical plumbers to support our workloads and maintain our industry reputation for quality and service. For many years, Constellation Services have always delivered for us,” says Glen.

The problem

Before working with Constellation Services, Tempest Solutions experienced four problems in their search for plumbing contractors: high prices, lack of trust, lack of reliability and little to no consistency.


The industrial landscape is competitive. New installations and maintenance contracts have squeezed budgetary forecasts. Although many can be north of a few million dollars, there is little room for fiscal error and margins are tight.

Finding quality contractors who also have a thorough understanding of the business narrative and the complex issues facing head contractors does prove difficult – as it did for Glen. When preparing any tender or quoting on multi-faceted projects, price will often determine the success or failure of the tender or quote.


Trust is not a throw away cliche, and trust in a third party contractor is never understated. For all intents and purposes the contractor is representing the lead business and their workmanship and communication must parlay into the same standards and values. Glen struggled to find a contractor he can really trust.


There is more time pressure placed on a larger-scale industrial project than those of smaller installations. There are numerous influences for this, including costs and the project management of other trades needing access to the project.

Additionally on larger projects, especially when working on high rise buildings, material movement can often require extra machinery such as cranes and platforms to be present for a specific timeframe.

It is when all these moving parts are coming together that the reliability of your contractors is at its most important.


Each head contractor has a particular way of doing things. It may be small shifts from other head contractors or it may be a totally unique way that is a signature of their work. Working consistently with a third party contractor creates a continuity in work quality and understanding that over time becomes a fluid way of working.

For Glen, consistency was an issue on large-scale installations. Tempest Solutions have developed particular methods of mechanical plumbing installations which are vitally important to the optimum functionality of the systems they install. Glen points out, “We needed mechanical plumbers who understood our methods and would deliver the installation the same way every time without us needing to continually explain the process for each job.”

The solution


“Matthew has been in business for a long time and has a real understanding of industry pricing and how Constellation Services can fit into the project from a specific price point. His willingness to work with us enables us to quote or tender with confidence,” says Glen.


“We have worked with Constellation Services for a long time. The relationship is very solid and we trust Matthew and his team to complete work at and sometimes above our standards. Matt’s team members know the way we like things done and we can show them the drawing and trust they will make the right decisions.”


“You can never underestimate how the reliability of your contractor can make or break a day, a week or a month of planning. Constellation Services always do what they say they will do and we never have to worry about a no show or a last minute phone call. Matt will always find a way to make sure he delivers the team we need when we need them.”


“As a head contractor, we don’t want to be continually looking over someone’s shoulder and explaining our methods on each new job. The best outcome for us is knowing the people we work with buy into the way we work. The team members at Constellation Services are very familiar. Matt has kept a great crew together over a long time, which is great for us but also testament to him as a boss.”

The results

Tempest Solutions is now a trusted partner in large-scale commercial plumbing solutions.

“We have come to not only rely on Constellation Services for their mechanical plumbing expertise, but we also have a great deal of respect for the way Matthew and his team approach every job.

They are highly professional and very open in their communication. When Matthew is unsure of something, he will always give us a call to find the solution. His team does not second guess any part of the project. We have worked with Constellation Services for years and will continue to do so.”

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