Our Commercial Plumbing Process

From execution to completion, our commercial plumbing process details every milestone of your project. Our team of professional plumbers partner with you to get the job done – no matter what.

Three men wearing neon green safety gear vest checking the construction plan


At the inception of project work leads, our team undertakes a diagnostic assessment of each task within the scope of work outline. At the completion of the commercial plumbing assessment, we submit a detailed costing and if required, foreseeable amendments, alternative action plans and any recommendations.

The quotation can include all provided service activities, such as machinery, labour costs, material estimates and suggested timelines, presented in detailed documentation. We store our assessment and scope quotations within our project management software system, and they are valid for 30 days.

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Upon awarding of the contract and prior to build and project management, our team meets for a comprehensive discussion to plan the project layout. Our project planning includes all milestone dates, installation workflow, quality control checklists, OH&S processes, downtime intervention procedures, insurances and payment scheduling through from inception, execution, and completion.

We discuss project plans with the client, estimator and/or head contractor for adjustment, amendments, and unforeseen site complications.



From the start of the project build or installation, Constellation Services takes full responsibility for the agreed work within the scope of work contract.

Our project managers maintain consistent communication with other onsite trades, project leads and agreed stakeholders to ensure that the project meets the agreed quality standards and timelines.

It is a pillar of our project management process to continually improve relationships through open and transparent communication with all stakeholders on site, reporting any issues directly to the head contractor or project manager, as well as identifying any opportunities for improvement or cost savings that may materialise during the project cycle.

Our years of project management experience are an invaluable asset to any scale of project.



Upon project completion, we undertake thorough testing and a full audit of the build and site to ensure we have successfully navigated all codes of compliance.

We double check that we have completed works in accordance with the agreed contract and make sure there are no outstanding or unresolved issues.

We address any issues such as excess materials, and remove, replace, complete, or repair any work as necessary to finalise and conclude the agreed works; ensuring we have fulfilled the client’s expectations.



Our plumbing maintenance division at Constellation Services is highly skilled to continue ongoing maintenance requirements for any build or installation works carried out under our project agreements.

In consultation with the head contractor or project manager, we can tailor maintenance packages to suit the needs of the project’s ongoing upgrades, repairs or remedial works.

Additionally, we offer a one-off service, maintenance and repair for all your plumbing requirements. Talk to us today about your needs – we’d love to hear from you.


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Talk to us today about your commercial plumbing project. We pride ourselves on our approachability and our communication lines are always open – we’d love to hear from you!