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Engineer wear safety uniform examining excavation Drainage Pipe

Glascott Landscape and Civil is a large scale project management firm, specialising in creating and upgrading public spaces across Australia. Their scope of work is diverse and includes bulk earthworks, civil stormwater, pavements, landscaping of commercial centres, upgrading existing parks and recreational reserves, creating new green space parks for developers and councils, and major infrastructure projects such as the North West Rail project.

The work Glascott undertakes encompasses large public service infrastructure and floats between new build construction and remedial works. Their projects are multidisciplined and involve a portfolio of trades. The project briefs work closely with local councils and municipalities – and minimal disruption to public traffic flow, exclusion and public safety are tier one ticket considerations.

Glascott tenders much of their work to contractors who they know have the expertise, experience and equipment to undertake planned civil plumbing projects. Price plays a significant factor in determining contracts; however, it is rarely simply a price driven decision when awarding projects to third party contractors.

As a project management firm, Glascott must look at the bigger picture. They engage contractors who are competitively priced and those contractors whose work ethic and quality they can trust and have confidence in.


Glascott has engaged Constellation Services on a number of occasions, and over the past four to five years we have worked on three to five large scale civil plumbing projects each year. The most notable was the Honeysuckle Park development in Newcastle. This was a very complex civil plumbing project that encountered a number of planning and environmental obstacles throughout the duration of the works. This project is of note. It required the removal and reinstatement of 900mm reinforced concrete piping with the newer and more reliable storm pro product along with the replacement and repair of drainage pits. This scope of work required specialised trade skills that Constellation Services possessed. Additionally, the project was not straightforward. Much of the work was carried out below the waterline. The initial engineering had not adequately forecast depth and the effect of rising and falling tides on the water table. The Constellation Services team had to troubleshoot much of the job, conduct continual dewatering techniques, safeguard existing works and work around design changes, all whilst in an unpredictable environment.

The success of this project is testament to the skills and knowledge that Matt and his team bring to complicated civil plumbing projects.

Industry knowledge

Glascott Landscape and Civil projects carry a very high standard of code and compliance regulatory requirements. They have always been extremely impressed with Matt’s knowledge and technical expertise in this space. He has the ability to forecast any code or compliance issues to find solutions that safeguard the work’s integrity and quality. Matt’s skillset means he is able to meet code and compliance regulations that many other contractors won’t, or can’t, see. This adds an additional layer of confidence when engaging civil plumbing contractors for major infrastructure projects.

The results

Glascott Landscaping and Civil appreciate having a civil plumbing contractor with a ‘can do’ attitude, exceptional industry knowledge and expertise and most importantly a contractor who focuses on solutions.

Daniel Badger, Project Manager with Glascott Landscape & Civil says, “As a project manager with one of Sydney’s most recognised and respected landscaping and civil engineering firms, every piece of work we undertake comes with the added responsibility to continually raise the bar in terms of quality, timeframe and finished product.

Having Constellation Services as a contractor alleviates much of the pressure. I can trust Matt and his team; his communication is second to none and I always know he will finish the project above expectation.”

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